Angel Tarot Card Readings

Derinda at Moon Jaguar Reiki and Readings, based in the beautiful city of Norwich, Norfolk, offers Angel Tarot Card Readings, from Moon Jaguar's dedicated room and also visits clients in their own homes in the surrounding area. 

The Angel Tarot cards, by Doreen Virtue, contain beautiful images and generally wonderful, uplifting and positive or supportive messages, to give an overview of the Client's recent past, present and possible future. The client's loved ones in Spirit may come through as the cards are being read, to give further clarity, or support and usually with additional messages of love and evidence of the continuation of Life after Death.

It must be emphasized that Derinda does not claim to 'Foretell' the future. The Angel Tarot Cards and Loved ones in Spirit will often give an indication of probable future events or a possible way forward, but since we all have Free Will, nothing is certain to proceed as it looks at the time of the reading, as ourselves, or others, can change the future, with our own changes of heart, or actions.

Angel Falls