Blog No. 2 Awakening and Ascension

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 10:45 AM

I touched on Awakening and Ascension in my First Blog and said I'd be explaining a bit more. It's a huge subject, but I will give you the essentials as I see them and hope they help.

First off, what are Awakening and Ascension?

Awakening is something that seems to have been happening, particularly over the last few decades, to all sorts of people, all over the world.  It is often characterised by many varied Emotional and Physical Symptoms, which I touched on last week.  I mentioned that you may have been experiencing  physical aches and pains, or there may be areas of your life that you are beginning to feel out-of-touch with, or less connected to, whilst you feel more drawn to change the way you eat, drink and behave. You may have been seeing or hearing people in Spirit form or just feeling that there are unseen presences around you. You may have suddenly become aware of latent psychic abilities, such as knowing who is on the phone before you answer it and you may well be having vivid dreams or even visions and premonitions.

Deja-vu and synchronicities may also jolt you into wondering if there is something trying to make contact with you, or lead you question what is going on - and that is exactly what they seem to be designed for - as pre-coded Wake-Up Calls. You probably programmed themselves yourself before you incarnated this time on earth, to begin to wake you up and help you remember who you really are and why you are really here.

But what are we Awakening to? ~ Well, in a nutshell - a New Era.  We are apparently leaving behind the Old World, as we have known it  and are beginning  to create a new, more Spiritual and more Enlightened way of living, in a New Age. The end of the Mayan Calendar on 21-12-12 signalled the end of The Age of Pisces, which was a male-dominated, Patriarchical Era. The New Age is the Age of Aquarius, which is characterised by Female, Matriarchial Energy.

As we begin to awaken, we start to realise that the Old World Establishments of the Church and State, the Media and the Bureaucratic and Business Moguls, have been interested, not so much in our welfare, as our Control and Suppression. We begin to see that they have been egotistic and narcissistic and concerned primarily with Domination, Control and Economic Gain, which they achieve by perpetuating our Fear and Compliance. Not only are we sensing that we have been fed some whopping great Lies, but we can see those Lies imploding all around us - almost daily in the news, we hear of scandals and cover-ups coming to light.

In  the summer of 1987 there began The Harmonic Convergence, which apparently initiated a thinning of the veil between the Dimensions (more on those later) and  an influx of new Energies and which seems to be responsible for kick-starting the Awakening of many people including my 20 year old self, as I was then!  My Awakening was a very dramatic and sudden affair - with several dreams and premonition type visions coming to life before my eyes, as I went through just one morning. It so shook me that I rang both my mother and Godmother in a panic after I reached my college accommodation in Cambridge. After hearing of my very unusual events of that morning, my mum could only agree how weird it was:  my dear Godmother on the other hand said 'oh that's just Spirit trying to tell you to contact me, you probably didn't know I was a Medium (no I didn't!!) and you should come to a Spiritual Development Workshop I'm having next week!' That was me woken up!

Even before we are awakened fully, many people have spent a large proportion of their life knowing that they were different and feeling that they had a Mission to fulfill.  From a young age, we often felt repulsed by the Old World Order and somehow knew that the world we inhabit is not the only one, nor indeed is it as it seems. Many of us have felt impatient and desperate to get on with our Missions, even before we had any real idea of what they were. Even once we begin on our own personal paths of Awakening and Spiritual Development, we can continue to encounter many weird and wonderful experiences, which continue to show us how we are being supported and guided by our Spirit Guides, Angels or loved ones in Spirit.  I will be discussing Guides more in the coming week, explaining how to contact yours and introducing you to ours (including the wonderful Moon Jaguar, who is hubby's amazing Mayan King, who he hears and sees as if he was still alive!) 

Us Awakening souls are known by many different names - Indigos is often the term for the earlier, Warrior types, who came to earth around the 1950's and 60's  to mash up the Old Systems. Later came the more gentle Crystal and Rainbow children.  But we can also be called by the names Earth Angels, Lightworkers and indeed many of us are Starseeds.  More about all those later, but until then  I'd highly recommend Doreen Virtue's book  'Realms of The Earth Angels', which explains the differences between all these wonderful beings and I would be very surprised if you didn't find at least one of the descriptions matches you exactly! 

Anyway, now you should understand a little of what may be happening to you if you feel you could be Awakening - but what of Ascension? Aha, this is the tricky bit and the bit that I believe no one can ever claim to know or understand totally, but here's what I believe:

Ascension is basically what is apparently happening to our wonderful planet and everything on it and it should continue to Ascend to Higher Dimensions, if enough of us continue to Awaken and raise our Vibrations.  Once we have raised our own Vibrations and those of others and the planet, we should then be able to begin living in a new way and create a more loving and harmonious way of life.  We have been, apparently, a totally 3rd Dimensional Planet, but we are hopefully now entering the 4th Dimension and by 2015, maybe the 5th Dimension. From what our Guides have told us, we have been progressing very nicely towards this goal, but it hasn't all gone according to plan and we still have a lot of work to do yet.

And that probably made very little sense! But to save me tying myself into knots trying to explain it and to save time and space here, I've got a link to some explanations, by Jim Self, which I feel may be useful.  As with any reading you do on the subject of Spirit or The New Age, only take what resonnates with you - if you can't understand it, or believe it, then it probably isn't right or it isn't right for you, right now:

So, that's just the beginning!  Hopefully you will now have some understanding of how Awakening and Ascending is transforming how we think, feel and live. Next time I hope to cover what we can do and need to do, to clear out our old beliefs, behaviours, pains and traumas, the dis-ease and distress that we have accumulated in this and previous lives, which need to be acknowledged and healed, before we can really begin our journey of Awakening and Ascending. I do hoe you have found this useful and hope you will join me next week.

Love and light






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