Clearing, Healing and Protecting

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 8:50 AM

Clearing, Healing and Protecting

Becoming Awakened to Spirit is an amazing journey and one which so many people are now embarking on.  As I said in the previous blogs, this is a time of a New Age of Spirituality, when people are able to sense and connect with Spirit more easily than ever before and most of us are drawn to make changes in the way we live our lives and interact with others.

Often this involves many, if not all, of the following:

  • feeling the need to make time for reflection on past events
  • realising that we need to cut our ties with, and make peace with. the past
  • feeling the need to distance yourself from everyday drama and negativity
  • feeling more sensitive, empathetic and emotional about world issues and feeling the need to do something to help
  • wanting to spend more time in Nature
  • getting the urge to de-clutter our physical environment, as well as decluttering on an emotional level
  • feeling less inclined to be materialistic and more generous with our time and money to charity or others in need
  • more driven to live as Eco-friendly and chemically-free as possible
  • more curious about Spiritual matters
  • feeling the need to distance yourself from everyday drama and negativity
  • feeling the need to spend time in relaxation, quiet and stillness and most likely, beginning to meditate

For me, the most important of these changes are the first three.  I think of these as 'Clearing' out your past clutter and emotional baggage, 'Healing' from any past heartaches and traumas and 'Protecting' yourself from future heartache and trauma and particularly, from other peoples' negativity,  There are methods and exercises which you can do, to help you through each of these stages and I will be giving some links, on my Links page, to artlicles or suggestions of books, which I found particularly helpful to me. 

I also have a few suggestions below, (which are expanded upon in some of the above books or articles), to get you started on Clearing, Healing and Protecting:

1.  For Clearing -  'Cord Cutting'.

Spend time regularly sitting quietly and bringing to mind all the people who have affected you negatively in the past.  Feel the pain and hurt they caused you, then imagine them facing you and a silver cord running from their belly button into yours.   If the hurt was quite severe, you might imagine a really thick cord, or even a heavy chain between you. Then tell the person you forgive them for what they have done (and mean it!) and tell yourself that you forgive yourself for your part in the episode (even if you think you were the innocent party).  Finally, cut the cord in the middle, with a pair of scissors and see one half of the cord ping back into your belly button and the other half into the other person's belly button and seal the hole with white light. For heavy cords (or chains!) you could imagine you're using a chainsaw or secateurs!

After doing this, you should feel a shift in the way you feel about that particular person and event.  If it still feels painful, you need to do the exercise again, until you can review the trauma without feeling the emotion and pain. Also, this should release that person from feeling connected to you and should enable them to move on too.

2.   Healing.

Cord Cutting is especially good at promoting your emotional Healing, as well as being a Clearing method. There are many other ways to approach Healing, but I would definitely recommend starting with Cord Cutting and when you feel the recollections of past trauma are sufficiently diminshed as emotional triggers, you could start introducing other holistic healing methods, where a practitioner might be able to locate areas of dis-ease in the body and treat them, whilst you relax, for example:

  • Reiki - which works on emotional, as well as physical pain or imbalance
  • Hands-on healing
  • Angelic Healing
  • Sound Therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Shamanic Healing

Although a relaxing and healing therapy is a great start, you don't have to pay for special treatments and there are many great ways to promote healing on your own. You will probably need to spend quite some time quietly contemplating who you were and who you are wanting to become and learning what may be blocking you from doing so.  A good way to do this is through Meditation, which I will be discussing next time. Other methods are explored by many Spiritual authors - one I particularly like is The Celestine Prophecy, which I'll explain more about on the Links page.

3. Protection

Once you start opening up your Awareness to Spirit, you will need to protect yourself - both from negative people and negative Spirit entities.

You are probably already aware that you can sense if people or places feel 'good' or 'negative'.  Now you can learn to protect your own energy, from people who are negative and who like to drain your energy.  These Psychic Vampires may not even realise what they're doing, but if you start out feeling great but feel drained after meeting with a friend, who started out down, then got bubblier as time went on, then chances are they're stealing your energy.

To prevent this and to keep all your energy close by for your own use, just put yourself in a huge imaginary bubble. It needs to contain your entire body and go a couple of feet around your feet and head. Itcan be any colour, but we'll discuss colour and it's properties in more detail in a later Blog.

I'll be explaining protection from negative Spiritual energy more in later Blogs.

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