Derinda's Spirit Guides

The Blessed Anne Marie Taighi

Derinda's Mediumship Guide, The Blessed Anne Marie Taighi was also her mum, in a later incarnation! 

See if you think the resemblance is uncanny too!


Anne Marie on the left and my mum Pauline, who passed away in 2004, on the right.


Derinda first heard of Anne-Marie during a Clairvoyant reading by a friend and later saw her in meditations, which guided her to Google just the name, Anne-Marie, and location 'Rome', (as she had always appeared in meditations wearing a toga!)

 Googling just that brief information brought up, at the very top of the first page, The Blessed Anne-Marie Taighi, was an amazing and beloved Healer and 'Seer' (Medium), who had a strong direct connection with God and followed His Guidance to help others. Her Visions and Spiritual communication was sought out by European Royalty and even Popes, but she never accepted any form of payment.

When Derinda scrolled down the page and saw the photo, she couldn't believe the striking likeness to her own mum.  During further meditations, it was confirmed that Derinda's mum had indeed once been Anne-Marie.  who is now on her way to becoming a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church.


Brown Bear

Brown Bear is a very gentle Native American from the Iroquois Tribe. During Past Life Regression, it has been shown that Derinda and Brown Bear were married in a previous life and they lived in what is now Alberta, Canada, with a baby girl.  Unlike the Eastern Iroquois tribes from the New York area, these Iroquois were hunters and traded with the French settlers.  They lived in tepees, were nomadic and both died very young in a battle with a neighbouring tribe.  During the battle Derinda was hit with an arrow through the right shoulder (where she still suffers pain and stiffness regularly in this life) and with a poisoned arrow in her left upper arm, which was apparently what killed her. Strangely, Derinda has a birth mark which is uncannily in the shape of an arrow head, in area the arrow was supposed to have hit!

Articles about Derinda



There have been two articles published about Derinda and her Spirit Guides in recent years. The first was about her beloved Anne-Marie Taighi, which appeared in Take A Break's Fate and Fortune Magazine in their January 2014 publication. The second, about her short life with Brown Bear, was in Chat It's Fate Magazine's December edition 2015

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