Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered why you have certain feelings or fears, or phobias, which cannot be explained by events in this Lifetime? Or do you ever feel a very strong attraction to a certain era in history? Or have you a sense that you have been somewhere before or met someone before?

Derinda at Moon Jaguar Reiki and Readings, Norwich, is now able to offer Past Life Regression, using Guided Meditation to enable the client to enter a slightly altered state. Once in a suitably relaxed state, the client should be able to follow the gentle guiding of Derinda, to access information, through sight, sound or feelings, of lives they may have lived previously. 

Past Life Regressions will be recorded on a half hour DVD mini disc for you to take away.

This service is available from Moon Jaguar's beautifully relaxing, dedicated room, near Longwater Norwich, Norfolk.