Psychic and Clairvoyance Development Courses

Derinda at Moon Jaguar Reiki and Readings teaches Spiritual Development Courses from Moon Jaguar's tranquil Reiki and Readings room, near Longwater Norwich.

Derinda runs a small and friendly weekly Spiritual Development Circle, covering topics ranging from Developing Skills needed to conduct Psychic and Card Readings, Teaching students how to Sense and Connect with Spirit,  Psychometry (when information can be gleaned from energy passed from a person or surroundings into an object) and Remote Viewing, which can involve sensing or viewing object or places in faraway countries, or from discerning hidden photos within envelopes.

Students generally begin sessions with a relaxing, Guided Meditation, which Derinda usually designs to enable them make a connection with Loved Ones in Spirit and their Spirit Guides and helpers, as well as relaxing and opening the mind.