Reiki Healing, Attunements and Courses

Moon Jaguar Reiki 

Derinda, at Moon Jaguar Reiki and Readings, offes Reiki Healing, Courses and Attunements, near Longwater, Norwich and  surrounding areas.

What Is Reiki?


Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’, is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal life force’ or ‘Universally guided energy’.


When the Reiki practitioner places his or her hands over a person, animal or object, with the intent to channel Reiki, energy is guided through their body and hands, from the Universe, to where it is needed in the recipient.


How does Reiki Heal?


Healing from Reiki can be both physical and emotional, working on many levels. This may include clearing away negativity and outdated behaviour and thinking patterns, balancing energy, relaxing and revitalising.


The Universe and the person’s Higher Self will guide the Reiki to be used where and how it is needed. The Reiki practitioner is the channel for that energy and will feel guided to place their hands in the most appropriate areas to enable healing.


Reiki can also be used as ‘absent healing’ over distance and time, to someone in another geographical location or to events in the past, present or future.


As well as healing physical and emotional distress and dis-ease, numerous everyday or life changing events can be helped by sending Reiki, with the intent to bring about the best possible outcome for the person and the Universe.  You might, for example, use it to help enhance your opportunities and outcomes in house buying, job applications or relationships.


History of Reiki


Reiki is thought to have been practiced for thousands of years, but was rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui of Japan, after researching ancient Buddist documents on healing.  Dr Usui then shared his findings and revelations with others, passing on his secrets orally, from master to student, with their arrival in the West in the 60’s and ‘70s.


The Three Grand Masters


Dr Usui decided to pass on the lineage of Reiki to one of his greatest friends, Chijiro Hayashi, who was a naval officer, who then became the Second Grand Master. Whilst Dr Usui had passed all of his knowledge of Reiki at once, it was Mr Hayashi who decided to divide the teaching or Attunement of others to Reiki into three Degrees.


The Third Grand Master of Reiki, Madam Hawayo Takata, met Mr Hayashi when she was referred to his clinic by her doctor, when she was suffering from cancer. After receiving Reiki and recovering her health, Madam Takata became Mr Hayashi’s student. After studying with him for a year, she returned to her birthplace of Hawaii, where she was later made Grand Master.